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This is my two cents on Disney theme parks. Thoughts and comments surrounding Imagineers designs and the results from these designs.

Hank Disney

I saw Saving Mr. Banks last night. I wasn’t sure what the movie was all about, other than telling the story of how Mary Poppins came to be. I will say that this wasn’t your typical Disney film. Can you imagine the weight of responsibility that Tom Hanks must have felt when asked to play Walt Disney. Walt is probably more well known than Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, at least worldwide, so trying to play an iconic role like Disney must have been quite a feat. Hanks said in an interview that he had a real hesitation to play the role, but he did a great job pulling it off. Emma Thompson played a marvelous role as P L Travers, the impossible to deal with creator of the book Mary Poppins. As I watched the movie, I started thinking about the massive amount of work that Walt was able to deliver, especially dying so early of lung cancer at age 65. In the movie, you hear that tell tale cough that Walt was known for, the early signs of lung cancer.  The Disney staff always knew that Walt was around the corner because his constant cough would give him away. Walt was the creative force behind all that is Disney and his brother Roy was the financial brother that got Walt’s butt out of the sling when he would over promise. Both Walt and Roy are gone, but their legacy continues as the seed that gave birth to the Disney creations has multiplied and continued to grow past the grave. Imagination and creativity is something that lives on in the hearts of all of us that dare to wish upon a star.

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This is an early picture of my grandpa Hank Martens.