First snow in Estes Park October 8,2011
Our first snow in Estes Park

Awoke to this light snow falling October 8, 2011. I commented to my neighbor that on Wednesday it was 70 degrees. His comment was, “Get used to this weather, you are now living in Estes Park, CO.”

Coal Creek Feb 2011
Coal Creek Feb 2011
Allison and Brooke came out in Feb. 2011 to spend a few days skiing and snowmobiling with Laurie and I. This pic was taken on the back of the deck of the cabin we rented for 6 months in Coal Creek Canyon near Golden CO. My brother Drew showed up and went with us.
Allison, Drew and Brooke
...and the snow kept falling

No more Facebook

I have decided to bow out of Facebook and to blog here instead. If you want to see what I am up to with more substance than “Just woke up and have a headache”,  then you can check this out, but if you like one line thoughts, keep going to Facebook!

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