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Rent a Tesla

tesla plugged

Yesterday, I bought a few domain names that maybe I will use someday.

  • dailyteslarentals.com
  • rentanelectric.com
  • rentanelectricauto.com
  • rentateslafirst.com
  • teslaautorentals.com

If I can spare the time and borrow enough cash, I would start a small electric auto rental company. The slogan would be ‘Try one before you buy one!’  
I have never owned a 100% electric car. How do I know that I would like it? If I had the opportunity, I would rent one and try it out for a week, just long enough for the battery to die leaving me stranded. Ok, maybe not let the battery die all the way, but how much of a pain is it to realize you can’t just put a couple of gallons in the tank and drive another 50 miles? Will an electric car lesser than the Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode be zippy enough for me? Since an electric car is new for most of us, do I really want to be stuck owning a car that I might hate? Taking the car out for a spin while that dealer’s salesman is sitting shotgun is enough of a pain when you buy a gas powered vehicle, but there is just no way that a 20 minute drive is going to let you know if owning an electric car is right for you!
dealership-test-driveYou need to take it out on the open road, in the city, bumper to bumper traffic and let’s not forget recharging. How much will it cost to get a charging outlet installed at your home? How much will it add to the purchase price of the car? When it comes to owning an electric car on a day to day basis, you can try and find a friend that has an electric car and ask them, but everyone is different. Just like everyone needs a different kind of vehicle to suit their needs, will an electric vehicle suit your needs?

As the years pass, I’m sure there will be electric powered pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles and minivans, but right now, your choices are rather limited. This makes renting an electric vehicle for a week almost required, sort of like pet adoption. As every pet has it’s own personality, so do cars. Why do we have so many different makes and models? It’s because we are so unique when it comes to buying a vehicle. It’s an extension of our personality, almost like the clothes you wear.

If I bought a used Tesla, would you rent it from me for a week or a few days? I’m talking the

Tesla Model S
tesla s

This is the expensive one. I can’t afford a new one, but a used one would work to rent to people for $150/day. I know that is a lot of money per day, but this car is the ultimate electric vehicle. Your friends could drool for the day as well. I promise to leave the ‘RentAnElectric’ license plate frame off of it.
Now that the Tesla Model 3 has arrived, and yes mine arrived last week, you could rent the Model 3 for say $100/day. This is affordable and a great driving experience! It has all of the great features of the Tesla line at an affordable price. This would give you a chance to test out the acceleration, charging requirements, the quiet instead of a motor and transmission whining in your ear.
Model 3 tesla
Many people say that they have a hard time getting used to the quiet. Do you need engine noise or will you love the quiet of nothing but the road noise? How do you know unless you try it?

When I brought home my new Model 3 Tesla, my neighbor who is a pure engine guy, was not impressed until he rode in my Model 3. When I floored it, his eyes got big and he said, “Wow, I never realized these things had so much torque!” Then he got intrigued with the center screen and all of the options that were available. So much for only wanting to drive a gas powered car!

Either way, I think it’s a good alternative to Hertz, Alamo or a host of other auto rental companies where an electric car is not normally an option and surely not guarantee even if they do have one.  Who is in this with me? I take Visa, MC, Discover and American Express!