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No news
courtesy of seekingalpha

You heard me right. I can’t handle any more negative news.
Even only checking news in the morning is way too much. This pandemic isn’t going to change overnight. The “authorities” say it’s going to take weeks, maybe even months for this to ease it’s grip on our nation. If that is the case, I’m going to live my life as I have recently learned to do along with the rest of you I’m sure. No going out except for essentials and exercise. Social distancing when we do go out. Ok, I get it.

I have taken up new hobbies. I will practice my cello, maybe learn a new language and work on my new Imagineers project. I refuse to expose myself to all of the bad news. Knowing about every single statistic isn’t going to really change anything for me. If they do find a vaccine or there is a news flash, don’t you think someone will tell me? Hey, I don’t live under a rock. I have friends and family. Those of you that are glued to your phone, computer, Ipad or newspaper, you can tell me to go get the new vaccine. At least I will be in a good mood when I get my vaccine instead of near the point of slitting my wrists due to depression from all of these apocalyptic reports.

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalm 118:24

Be careful what you wish for

    Be careful what you wish for. These things aren’t just wishes, they are seeds that go into your innermost being and take root. These thoughts get put into our subconscious and like a computer program, start to run. If you don’t want them to be fulfilled, then you need to run an anti virus in your thoughts and tell your subconscious that you really didn’t mean this to stop that thought from becoming reality. If these are positive good thoughts, then they will also begin to take root. They will begin to order your steps to fulfill that which is most important to you. They will even override what you normally would do to fulfill their purpose. This can be a great thing as long as ypu want this to happen.

But, be careful what you “wish” for, it probably will happen.