Be careful what you wish for

    Be careful what you wish for. These things aren’t just wishes, they are seeds that go into your innermost being and take root. These thoughts get put into our subconscious and like a computer program, start to run. If you don’t want them to be fulfilled, then you need to run an anti virus in your thoughts and tell your subconscious that you really didn’t mean this to stop that thought from becoming reality. If these are positive good thoughts, then they will also begin to take root. They will begin to order your steps to fulfill that which is most important to you. They will even override what you normally would do to fulfill their purpose. This can be a great thing as long as ypu want this to happen.

But, be careful what you “wish” for, it probably will happen.

When is what you see less real than what you do not?

We are spiritual beings, not just clumps of carbon. We are eternal beings, this being said, what you cannot see, the spirit, is more real than anything made of carbon. Have you ever stared at someone that had their back turned to you, only to find that they turn around to look at you because something in them told them that you were staring at them? I have had this happen countless times. Somehow the spirit of that person knew that someone was looking at them. I’m not saying that what we make and do on earth doesn’t matter, it does. I’m just saying that there is a spiritual side to us that we should not ignore, that we should spend more time spending time in meditation, prayer and letting our spirits be refreshed.