Digital vs Analog

You have heard the statement, “Everything is going digital.” I beg to differ. A few things that you can’t do digitally:

  • Build a house
  • Gardening
  • Repair your faucet
  • Skiing, football, tennis and all other sports (playing a video game does not count)
  • Paint a picture
  • Play a musical instrument (playing digital music doesn’t count)

Why would you want to remove yourself from many of the manual tasks that we perform today? How can you derive pleasure from having a digital program do things everything for you? For one, it’s just plain lazy. Obesity is already at a record level with all of the time we sit behind this keyboard.

I think that one day, there is going to be a sort of revolt against digital products, along with this website and many others. We are becoming socially insulated from each other because we can live and hide behind a keyboard. We will slowly become socially crippled. Have you noticed how brave and stupid people become online? There is no filter anymore. This digital part of our world has stolen courtesy and kindness.

I did some work in my basement this weekend. I ran a new circuit and installed 4 new outlets for my power tools. It was very fulfilling to get this accomplished. This is something that I can actually use. It does not require an app. It doesn’t need to be updated or be connected to the internet. It just works.

I challenge you today to go out and do something Analog, something that normally you would use a phone, laptop or other device to do. Go old school for a moment. Hopefully you will gain something more than just a reply in your inbox or a “like”.

2 thoughts on “Digital vs Analog”

  1. Great advice. It’s ironic, really, that the same tech that was supposedly designed to help us simply our lives and make it more efficient has indeed backfired in many ways. We are more insulated in our own echo chambers and addicted to social media then the creators of these platforms envisioned we’d be.

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