18 thoughts on “This is why you need to stay at Disney’s Polynesian Resort”

  1. I’ve been to Disney a few times, but haven’t gotten the chance to stay here! Having the monorail nearby is definitely much more convenient than the buses. I always took those in the past, and it does add on quite a bit of time.

    1. I think that staying in a place that has the monorail is quite a plus while staying at Disney. We have never stayed in a resort that has the monorail running through it due to the cost of those resorts, but as a splurge, we did it this time and were glad.

    1. That’s a great idea. It was my father’s day present from my wife. We had friends that had stayed there and loved it. We would walk through the Poly when we were at Disney hoping to stay there one day.

    1. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, both parents and kids alike. As long as you don’t set unrealistic schedules while on vacation, I have found that over planning can kill the relaxing part of a vacation.

    1. It is a very family friendly place. It does feel like Hawaii in some ways. I love the Hawaiian music they play in the background, even though it was still in my head for many days afterwards.

  2. I would love to be able to visit Disneyworld one day. Polynesian resort seems great and I would love to stay there.

    1. Really? They have all kinds of places to stay, from those people that love to camp to those who only want to stay at the finest hotels in the country. Disney has something for everyone, or at least that’s what they are attempting to do.

  3. Great video review. Short and to the point. Was that you performing with the torches? Lol just kidding. It’s been a few years since going to Disney but will keep this resort in mind for the future.

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