I don’t have a choice, it’s time to take that first step

It has come to the point that I don’t have a choice. Writing my previous blog on ripping off the band-aid has made me come to grips with a particular band-aid in my life. If you keep a band-aid on too long, what happens? The skin starts to turn white and instead of it healing, it starts to retain too much moisture. This is called skin maceration. It’s not very appealing.  Well, it’s also not very attractive when we put off pulling the metaphorical band-aids off in our lives. If we just kind of pick at it, then it’s not only annoying to ourselves, it’s annoying to others. Do you think everyone else doesn’t see what’s going on; our indecision? We are not doing this for others, but it affects those people in our lives when something that is not healthy for us continues to be front and center in our lives. It’s sort of like the proverbial elephant in the room.
elephant sitting on a couch with two people in the room.

Make the first step

Inaction breeds only more inaction. We have to start somewhere. If we just begin to make that first step, then the other steps will follow. I know that it is hard to make that first step. What if my first step is in the wrong direction? What if my first step is wrong? What if, what if…… Ok, here is a what if for you. What if you don’t make that first step to rip off the bandage? What if your health, both emotional and relational suffer even more? Can you imagine being in this same spot next year, going over the same questions and living with the same consequences that you are living with now? How would that feel? If it doesn’t feel right now, then next year, amplify it about three times, and that is what it will probably be like.

Take the first step

stair steps first step.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.  It doesn’t matter if it is dark or if it is the middle of the day. You can feel your way and make that first step. Hanging out in the basement of your life, any stairway will take you up to where the light is. Pick a staircase, put your toe on the first step and raise your body one step into the light. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to leave the musty basement behind.

31 thoughts on “I don’t have a choice, it’s time to take that first step”

  1. For as long as I can remember I used to be so afraid of change (literally every change). Fortunately over the last few years I feel way more motivated and brave .

  2. This is so motivating and inspirational! I love the metaphors you use of ripping off a band aid and climbing a staircase. Sometimes you just have to go for it!

  3. Stepping out of our comfort zones opens new opportunities we have not noticed before. It is in taking that first step that life changes for the better.

  4. To me it’s so interesting to read this. Because of the topic and because English is not my first language and at first I was truly like: “What elephant?”

  5. Really nice post…. Right now I on the front of too many ways and I really confused about which one to choose…

  6. Yes! I needed this mid week motivation!! I am working on a project now which can help monetize my blog and I became hesitant today about doing it. This post re motivated me to get back on the horse!

  7. At times, you don’t even have a choice and you just have to do that first and only step. But after alll, all things work for our good. What is important is to take that step!

    1. It is scary and it will have consequences, but if you don’t there are also consequences of NOT doing anything. The question is, which set of consequences can you live with and can you live with yourself if you don’t do something?

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