Never ending dreams Dream Sequence #1

I dream every night. I have multiple dreams per night. Sometimes I feel as though I should have popcorn to enjoy along with my dreams. So, I thought that I would share a few of my dreams. I figure why not, maybe I have all of these dreams for a reason other than my mind never stops, so here goes!

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Dream Sequence #1   8/6/2019

Sitting in a room of family members and strangers, I’m looking for someone. At first, I don’t know who, then it occurs to me that I am looking for my wife Laurie, but she is here with everyone else. This is rather strange I tell myself. Why would I be looking for her if she is here in the house? Suddenly, it’s as if another dimension is slowly opening up. I see an area in the room where there is an oval area about 3′ tall that is all blurry. I feel drawn to this area. It almost seems like some sort of portal. I want to reach my hand into it. I slowly walk over to this oval entity and dare to reach into it. I sense that another version of my wife is on the other side. It’s at that point that I realize that she IS on the other side, just another version of her. I long to be with her. There is so much I want to say. We were separated years ago, but somehow the relationship ended. I had no way of reaching her, no way of communicating with her. My heart aches as I remember the times that we spent together. The love that I feel for her is tremendous but then the portal disappears. Those around me think that I have lost it. I think that I have lost it. How can I be sad when she is here in the present? How can I long for her in the past as well? The other dimension seems just as real as the area that I am in. It actually feels more real than the present. Which space is a reality? Are both reality and just occupying other dimensions?

I wander around the room and find this blue metallic structure, only about 2′ in diameter. It has the ability to transport me into this alternate reality.  I cradle it.  I bring it over to where the portal was. I feel the portal reappearing. I hear her voice from the other dimension. I long to tell her that I want to be with her. Suddenly, voices from within the room in which I am standing start asking me questions, drawing me away from this portal. I realize that my children are there within the room. They need me there. My wife in the present is there beside me. I stand there perplexed. Laurie is here with me, not in some other dimension.

What can this mean

I know that many of you have several interpretations of the dream as Daniel did thousands of years ago and I have my own ideas as well. For me, this is what I see. Life has gotten very complicated since we have been married. We are still deeply in love, but work and the pressures of life have taken some of the everyday joy out of our lives. I long to return to a simpler time. We have been talking about downsizing. Downsizing our business, our home, our possessions and not having so many obligations so that we can make the most of each day, not just getting through the day. I don’t want to escape, I want what we once had. It’s not just Laurie who was different, it was me as well. It was a better me.

12 thoughts on “Never ending dreams Dream Sequence #1”

  1. Dreams are always odd. But I like how interesting they are. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as I like hearing interpretations of them.

  2. Awesome read and the dream was amazingly cool for sure. I was really wrapped up in the amazing details so that I feel as if I am there but I am jealous as I hardly ever remember my dreams although they can seem so real when I am in them. I am going to have to have a journal by my bedside to jot down as soon as I wake up.

  3. Funny how I always consult a dream interpreter whenever I had bad dreams. I used to have the wildest dream as one can imagine.

  4. Men, I have been dreaming dreams lately which is very rare and they are kind of becoming awful. Like someone is getting buried. What does that mean? I know the person

  5. I love how you can write your dream in such detail. I agree with the interpretation. Sometimes, we need to listen to our dreams…thanks for sharing!

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