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Would you even consider getting into your vehicle and starting to drive without having a destination? Even if you just wanted to get out, you have some sort of idea about which direction you are headed. What I am talking about is to not even have a clue. You just get in the car and start driving. If you saw someone you knew at a stop light and they asked you “Hey, where are you headed?” Would you admit, “I have no clue, I just put it in drive to see where the car takes me!” If that sounds crazy, then why would you do the same thing when you wake up in the morning and don’t bother to plan your day? If you already have a plan, that’s one thing, but to just let the day sort of run on auto pilot is really throwing away a day of your life.

I’m not throwing stones here

I have done the exact same thing. Today is one of those days. I didn’t have a plan and now the day is almost over. I threw away today. I’m trying to redeem the day by writing this and admitting that I failed to do what I try and do every morning. This has really worked for me. (except for today)

Rocks, gravel, sand and water

rocks, gravel, sand and water
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Someone told me this analogy a while back. If someone gave you rocks, gravel, sand and water and tells you to put them all in a large 5 gallon bucket, but you get to choose the order, could you do it?
Ok, let’s give it a try. You add gravel, sand, then fill it with water, now for the rocks. Whoops, the rocks won’t fit. Ok, let’s try it again. This time you add the sand, water, gravel and now for the large rocks. Dang, only 2 will fit. You now find out that the rocks were what needed to be included in the bucket the most. Those were the most important material.

Life is like that. We have rocks, which are the big things that need to be done during a day; the hard talk, the project that must be done, the time to think of a new creative concept. Many times we fill up our day with gravel, sand and water not allowing any room for the rocks, those important things that we needed to get done that day.

Give this a try

Tomorrow morning, before you put your day in drive, sit down for a minimum of 5 minutes and try to list the two or three big rocks that need to get put in your bucket. Sometimes I only come up with one, but if I do this, I find that the gravel, sand and water doesn’t seem to get in the way. I feel as if my day is more complete and I end up with a greater sense of satisfaction when my head hits the pillow.

I told this analogy to someone at the coffee shop a few weeks ago. As I sat there with my notebook a few days later they came up to me and asked what I was doing. “Gathering my rocks for the day.” I said. They smiled knowing what I meant and walked away. Today would not be a wasted day.

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