Troubleshooting is my game

30,000 foot view
30,000 foot view

When I ran my own company, I had the ability to take a 30,000 foot view of our company. Where was it headed? What was lacking? What did I need to apply my focus to? By not getting involved in the minutia, it gave me the ability to solve bigger problems. I was able to see the business through our customer’s eyes, not from an owner’s perspective.

One thing that I have come to learn over the years is that I have a knack for troubleshooting. Whether it is a business problem, mechanical failure or innovative ideas, this is where I excel. Owning multiple websites, both ecommerce and informational for over 20 years, I can spot what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to websites, I am a one man usability lab. I can tell you what is easy and intuitive to navigate or what makes me want to leave your site. How about your follow up after a sale or initial contact? Are customers receiving what they expect to receive from your company?

For building an mortar businesses, your relationship begins not when they enter your door, but what they locate about your business online.

Do you need a fresh set of eyes for your business or for your idea? Can’t see the forest for the trees? Give me a try. After learning about your business or idea and it’s inner workings, I will give you my feedback from a 30,000 foot view.

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